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"The Political Insight of the State-Church Relations. A Comparative Study between Cameroon and France".

The relationships between the state and the various religious organizations are structured in nations legal texts. In today's democracies, these connections are often  admitted to be good, respectful, with no interference, no confusion and so on. However, practically, some differences appear from one country to another. These dissimilarities could be motivated by historical and political reasons. 
France and Cameroon are two countries supporting our argument.  In France, besides the law on secularity and the strict separation between the State and the churches (Law of 9th December 1905), there is still a strong influence of the Catholic Church in the public sphere. For instance, almost all the Catholic major feasts are declared public holidays (Easter, Ascension, Christmas, All Saints...). What is not the same with other religious groups, Muslim and Protestants for instance. Moreover,  with more than 15 centuries Christian history France is still called the elder daughter of the Church (the Catholic one). France is still has deep importance in the daily and political life. Even the French Revolution (1789) didn't wiped it up. 
Cameroon, a very young country aged about 60 years old, is also built on secularity and separation between State and Religion. (Constitution of Cameroon, Preamble). Nevertheless, because  historically there is no dominant religion, the secularity is different from France. For example,  public holidays for religious matters are equally divided among religions. Therefore, not only Christian feasts are taken into account, but also muslim's. (Eid al-Fitr, feast of the lamb)
These two  examples of France and Cameroon display few significant  variations in the state-religions relations, due to historical and political reasons. 


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